our games are made to surpise you

The expendablest game dev team

Recycle Bin Battle - an atypical arcade puzzle game

Gaijin Charenji 1 : Kiss or Kill - a punk narrative shoot-them-up

what we do

We make video games. We try to make different ones, concepts not seen yet. What we like is to see you react to our games. Our main motivations are to surprise you and explore video game design in an artistic way.


we love using video in our games because it gives credibility to our stories and anchors them in reality.


We try to be as creative as possible within the constraints we impose on ourselves. Creativity is also born of contrition.

No limit, no bad idea

In absolute terms, we don't turn down any creative idea that emerges from the team. That's what makes our games so special.

our games

here's a quick overview of our current games and projects

Gaijin Charenji 1 : kiss or kill

GAIJIN CHARENGI 1 : Kiss Or Kill is a Punk Narrative Shoot-Them-Up. You can kill ( exterminate, destroy) your enemies, or just kiss them to make a loving world. It’s a narrative solo game. The story is between you and the Game developer. The end of the game depends on your karma.

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Recycle Bin battle

Reycle Bin Battle is an arcade puzzle game based on 3 differents gameplay. 1- Catch Rubishes tumbling down a machine and arrange them in type and color to make them disappear and make ball for second part. 2- Use ball to break invaders defenses and get energy in a breakout-like. 3- Use energy to shoot Kaiju and save humanity.

more about Recycle Bin Battle

?? mystery project ??

A mysterious new project that will push the boundaries of our imagination even further and take you by the hand on a journey into the unexpected.

overGame Studio

OverGame Studio is an independent video game development studio known for creating innovative and engaging gaming experiences. Specializing in a variety of genres, OverGame Studio is committed to pushing the boundaries of storytelling, gameplay mechanics, and immersive design. We are pride on fostering a creative environment where unique ideas thrive, resulting in games that captivate and challenge players. With a focus on high-quality production values and a passion for crafting memorable adventures, OverGame Studio has carved out a niche in the competitive gaming industry.